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Season of Change


Fall for October

I found this quote on Pinterest last year:

It's the truth. I love October the best. The colors, pumpkins, football, sweaters, boots, cooler weather... And both my anniversary and birthday fall in October so it's doubly sweet.
Last October I took part in a 31-day blogging challenge where I focused on life and many changes I had going on at the time and talked about the last 31 days of being 31-years-old.
This year, I'm focusing on FUN!! Going to fall festivals, picking pumpkins, enjoying PSL with friends, trekking to the mountains to see leaves, fall wardrobe and decor, and so much more. 
I hope you'll go along this journey with me and share your fall favorites, too.

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Cancer Sucks; take action!

Lots of people lately are focused on raising awareness. 

I follow several blogs that post a 31 days series in October; and then each November I watch people post 30 days of thankfulness for Thanksgiving.

But one person I know posts in September...

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Why aren't we aware of childhood cancer the other 335 days a year? We should be if we aren't.

Molly Grantham is a local news anchor who has a heart for raising awareness for children battling cancer throughout the year, but in September she posts about a different child each day. Some of the kids she has gotten to know through different opportunities promoting various charities, some she has had a chance to meet for news stories. But each child is important to her. Each child has their own unique story and impact and circumstances.

Today the child she posted about is the nephew of a former co-worker. Elijah. Elijah has a very rare form of cancer called Epithelioid Sarcoma. You can rea…