Mason Jars and OCD

Something you should know about me is that I have obsessive personality tendencies.

Like I once decided that I needed to have a pink wool coat for winter. I looked and looked and didn't find one, but then the next year there were pink wool coats everywhere and I finally got one. I also became obsessed with finding a particular pair of pink Reebok tennis shoes. This almost happened this past spring with kelly green shorts. I was satiated with some lime green pants.

I became enamored with Sweet FROG after my first encounter. Have you ever tried the mix-your-own-toppings delight? I love their strawberry/cheesecake swirl with fruit added in. Sometimes I get wild and add some peach yogurt if they have it. But I found what I like and don't really deviate to find other flavors.

I love owls. I pledged a sorority in college and their mascot was the owl. I found out that my grandparents had some and they became mine. Now I have them everywhere. On my desk at work I have a bank, solar powered bobble head, magnets, post-its, and a coffee mug. At home it's like a owl explosion. Trivets, statues, framed art, garden art... the list is long and slightly frightening. I counted around 40 the other day. I have no intention of stopping with my collection. In fact, there's a cookie jar that I love and the day I find it will be a victory.

Colored pens? I have no less than 7 sets at my desk at work; thin, thick, Sharpie, Sharpie pen, Mark-It, Ink Joy, Zebra, TUL and some other brand that I can't remember which is an issue because they're dying and I can't use a similar color in one of the other 6 sets. And this doesn't include the any number of pens, markers, crayons, dry erase markers, pencils, etc. that I have at my house.

See, obsessive.

At home I've become obsessed with mason jars. Old, new, big, small, wide mouth, regular, for storage, for drinking, for display, some that have come holding hand soap and candles. I even had my husband buy some "vintage" blue Ball jars because I feel like I need to have a mason jar chandelier.
The Junk Revival: Jars of Glass
I'd like to say I'm on the end of my mason jar bender... but I don't think that's true. I recently bought a GIANT jar
Giant mason Jar! $17 at Target. Perfect for storing kitchen items or to use as a canister. LOVE IT!
and have plans for some of the tall skinny ones.
tall mason jars-sears
And maybe even something like this to hang on my front door:
2 1/2ft tall Mason Jar by DoorHangersnMore on Etsy, $30.00
I feel almost like this obsession is justified because the jars are very versatile. One day I might have a glass of sweet tea and the next use a jar from the same bunch to store my homemade salad dressing and then another for keeping my postage stamps all in one place.

I don't have a Pinterest page dedicated to mason jars, but I probably should and could to log all my ideas and project ideas.

At least my vices have never crossed into creepy or illegal. I'll just leave it at that...

Do you ever find something that you fixate on and become obsessed with?


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