Custom Faux/Foam Pumpkin Tutorial

A couple of weeks ago I posted about different ways to decorate pumpkins for Halloween and fall. Below is a photo tutorial for how to carve your own custom faux foam pumpkins.

Start with the image of your choosing. This design needed some spacing added so that the pumpkin didn't fall apart!

Gather your supplies - any size foam craft pumpkins; printed design (to fit); pencil; masking tape; thumb tacks; traditional pumpkin carving kit poker or paper piercer; heated knife.

Here's a closer look at the heated knife kit (sold at most craft stores).

Layout your design on your pumpkin, securing in position. I like to use both masking tape and thumb tacks.

Poke around the design making sure to leave gaps in any connected spaces.

After I have the design poked onto the pumpkin I like to remove the paper and draw the design by connecting the dots to make sure that there isn't any space that is going to get cut out inadvertently.

Carefully carve out your design - the heating element on the knife gets EXTREMELY hot! (Don't forget to cut a hole in the bottom to allow for a battery powered tea-light candle AND to remove the excess foam that you cut out.

Go back and pull any small pieces of foam that may need extra help coming out from the design cuts.

REMEMBER: DO not use a REAL flame with fake pumpkins. The foam is flammable and may produce toxic fumes if ignited.


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