A Little Foxy

I have had problems recently with arthritis in my wrists and fingers bothering me with the constantly erratic temperatures. We were making blankets (future post) for a mission project at church and with a piece of the scrap fabric that was leftover I made what I deemed a wrist warmer.

Little did I know that these fingerless gloves were in style this year. I've seen countless patterns, posts on Etsy and even product at Target for the exact same thing that I thought I was being original in making for myself.

Check out these foxy littles:

And then there's this... of course OWLS (from Knitting Treasures on Etsy)!:

I did have someone ask me if I was bringing back the Michael Jackson-one glove look. But sometimes it really is about comfort over beauty.

I see more of these cozies in my future. Do you have a favorite comfort item that you keep handy when the weather turns colder?


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