One Day

At the end of the day I like to go through my feeds and see what my friends and family have been up to and check out the day's news. So tonight when I was going through Instagram I kept seeing #OneDayHH and had no idea what it was. I went off to Google and found this awesomeness ( I wish I had known yesterday!!

Today my day started off with my dog getting sick and waking me up. According to my sleep cycle app this took place somewhere between 4 and 4:30 am. I got up, made sure he was okay, took all the bedding off and into the wash (yes, my dog sleeps in my bed), and started getting ready for work. 

As I was styling my hair I decided my ends looked horrid and I decided to trim my own hair. You read that right; I took scissors to my own hair and took about 2-ish inches off the bottom. Not the brightest thing I've ever done but temporarily not awful. 

I had to wake up my husband (who I'm sure was only asleep for an hour at most) to let him know not to switch rooms in the middle of the day since our bedding was in the wash... 

Work was pretty average. Answering emails, writing, social media, lunch. And then when I went to lunch I opened my car windows. The the allergies started. The rest of my day was filled with sneezes and snot and coughing and tissues. 

I did have a hilarious moment when a coworker found out that my birthday is on Halloween. It was like a revelation moment. We always joke that I have a little black rain cloud that follows me around. The most bizarre things happen and usually in rapid succession like a series of unfortunate events. This same person just told me last week that I should write my entire blog just of the bad luck things that happen to me. (Maybe a series on this in the coming months?) But my response was that people would probably think I was making it up because it seems so unlikely that so many bad things could happen to one person. (I do try to find the silver linings in each situation of how they could be mush worse.) 

After work there was Taco Bell and church. 

Wednesday night teaching is one of my favorite things of the week. We've been working on a series about missions and praying for people around the world. Tonight we talked about loving our enemies and I shared some about myself at a young age when I was just not a nice person. I hope they got something out of what I shared and remember to be kind even when it's hard to see beyond what's right in front of them.

We also worked on no-sew fleece tie blankets. This is a whole church, multi-month project. We are making blankets as part of our local church missions to a local community we worked in this summer and then held a fall festival in a few weeks ago. The goal is to make and distribute 100 fleece blankets. The kids are loving it! 

On the drive home I had a car behind me for MILES with its high-beams on. I don't really understand high-beams. I'll just leave it at that.

And then I came home to the sweetest little brown dog, watched my DVR'd Dancing with the Stars and went online which led to the writing of this boring recap of a day in the life. 

Hope y'all had a great Wednesday! I'm off to the 2014 Allume Conference tomorrow. I'm sure it will be a smorgasbord of inspiration. 



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