'Tis the Season for Boots

Most of my Sunday's are filled to the brim with things to-do. Church, laundry, football games, grocery shopping, musical rehearsal... and sometimes - if I'm lucky - a little cat nap. So in the midst of trying to cross off tasks I didn't allocate time to write my 31 days blog post yesterday. What I did find time for was finding these:
 And these...

A couple of weeks ago I made a disclosure about becoming self-aware about my obsessive personality. (Case-in-point: In the middle of writing that sentence I noticed a split end in my hair and stopped typing to trim off the end of that hair and several others. Yes, I have issues!)

I have been looking for knee high boots for several years. I had a pair that I loved and wore constantly in college. Then I had foot surgery. Then I had knee surgery. My body changed and cute high boots didn't fit anymore. Finding wide calf boots is much more challenging than you would think - especially when you are actively trying to find them.

I read this blog post from "The Curvy Fashonista" in my online search. I found a site with amazing boots that you can actually custom order to your specifications. Meet Duo boots. Originally I thought this was only a UK site, but just realized that there is a US site, too. Maybe I'll but myself a pair of Christmas boots. ;-)

Seriously... these are beautiful:
Do you have a favorite pair of boots or place you like to get boots?


Unknown said…
I can't remember the last time I was able to buy a pair of high boots. I've always been told I have 'Bryer' calfs. Thanks Dad. And thanks Lisa; maybe I'll check this out.
Denice said…
Well, Widecalfboots4u is a good site that shows a lot of facts and featuring different styles and also some Ugg styles for wide calves.

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