What are you Googling for fall?

I started this 31 day challenge with lots of ideas about what I was going to blog about - what I was going to write about for the 31 day WRITING challenge!

I lost my editorial calendar... twice. Then I realized that most of my ideas ended up being not about writing but about seeing. Most of my ideas are visual - crafts, colors, photos, printables...

And today I looked at my calender and most of the month is gone. I have so much to do!!

I've missed blog days because of life. And LIFE is awesome! I missed days because I teach children at church. I missed days because I was busy watching our friends kids play football. I missed a day helping teach my husband how to use custom animation in PowerPoint.

I'll miss more days.

But for the first time I don't feel like the blog is bigger than me and I want to keep coming back to it. I have a list of fall things that I'm still going to document for the rest of the month, but tonight...

Tonight I went to watch football, and ate dinner next to the lake and am catching up on DVR'd shows. I'll sit here for the few remaining hours I'm awake under a warm, cozy blanket and Google blog prompts, ideas, editorial content calendars and more and start to look at my blog beyond 31 days. I'll sit and multi-task and not feel guilty about having no idea what to write about fall because I'm busy enjoying fall.

While I brainstorm, what are you Googling about fall? What things are you looking for a little extra help with answers for? Last-minute Halloween costumes? Inexpensive autumn decor? Thanksgiving meal ideas?

Comment with your fall searches and maybe I'll tackle a few of your questions and ideas.

Here's another idea I just had. Who wants collaborate on an everything fall Pinterest board?? Send me a message on Pinterest and I'll add you to my fall Pinterest board.


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