Whooo loves fall??

One of my favorite things are owls. I became slightly obsessed while pledging in college. Then I inherited some from my grandparents (Isn't it amazing how much better you can see dust in photos; yuck!).

My friends started buying them as gifts. Now it's borderline hoarding.

While most people think of owls as a Halloween or fall only decor piece, I would disagree.

This is a new addition to my desk at work... 

This guy spoke to me at our new local HomeGoods the other day. And even my husband suggested that we get him; so it was decidedly so.

We have owl trivets, potholders and salt shakers, and just last week my my mother-in-law gave me an owl cookie jar.

We have owl vases, a piggy bank, numerous statues, a few paintings, and even a door stop. Our dog also has an owl toy. And I have several pieces of owl jewelry. (Look for how-to monogram pumpkins on Sunday Check out my Instagram account for another sneak preview.)

Last year, inspired by a photo in a magazine (maybe in Better Home & Gardens??) I put together an owl Christmas tree.

While the obsession runs deep, it also means that my house is ready for fall year round.

See more of the owl love on my "Owl Always Love You" Pinterest board. (http://www.pinterest.com/lwmoseley/owl-always-love-you/)

Do you have a collection of one certain type of item? Have you ever been drawn to a particular animal, symbol, or tchotchke that carries significance for you?



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