In This House... We Will Live for Jesus

I had the great pleasure of meeting Courtney a few years ago at Allume after a chance "virtual" meeting earlier that year. We started carrying the ABC Scripture Cards at the Billy Graham Library and I shared about it on their social media. It happened to be the week that Courtney's grandmother passed away and she found encouragement through the post saying her grandmother would have been the first she would have told about her product being carried by Billy Graham!

Not having children of my own, sometimes reviewing children's products seems a bit strange, but all of my children's ministry kids are "my kids." In This House, We Will Giggle (received as a blogger reviewer from Crown Publishing) is not only a great resource for parents, but also for anyone who spends time with the children in their lives, to teach them the fundamentals of living a virtuous and moral life and keeping Christ at the center of it all.


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