Birth Week & Wishes

It's birth week!!

I sit here thinking about how I used to make out a birthday list every year. And soon after a Christmas list. As I grew older, I made general wish lists that encompassed lots of different things for various holidays, which then turned into goal lists, and now I have "to do" lists. Actually, not only do I have "to do" lists, but I have post-its and dry erase boards and reminders on my phone and email for things that I have to accomplish.

Getting older my dreams have turned into tasks; not things that I want to do but things that I have to do. So here's a list of wishes instead of tasks...

  • GROW my business into more than a hobby
  • Take time to RELAX; manicures, massages, dancing in my living room
  • EAT DESSERT first and maybe just by itself
  • Tell people how thankful I am for THEM
  • Spend time with my FAMILY
  • Buy PRESENTS for others, just because
  • TRAVEL somewhere new
  • Be okay with SAYING NO
  • Take my DOG for walks in the woods with no leash
  • Put my toes in the OCEAN more often
  • Throw a PARTY for no reason
  • Use fancy DISHES for pizza
  • Give myself FLOWERS that are too pretty to leave at the store
  • Learn to COOK something new each week
  • Start each day like it's your BIRTHDAY!!

What wishes would you want to add to your list?


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