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Politically Correct Christmas

I spend much of my time monitoring media through alerts, social media, web reports, articles, etc. This week I've watched as political, religious, moral and ethical arguments have been made for and against a man who happens to be on a popular TV show. I've held my tongue... as I'm conflict avoidant. But it makes me sad to think that we've become so overly sensitized - and desensitized at the same time - to go head-to-head with friends, family, colleagues and perfect strangers because our own opinions differ from his. I'm not going to get into my personal opinion, because it's not relevant. I am here to say that I believe political correctness has destroyed America. People are either so afraid of offending someone or so defensive about their own position that healthy discussion has gone out the window. People no longer do their own research but rely on the opinions of others to get their information. What has happened to integrity? What has happened to hard