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National Adoption Day

Today is National Adoption Day.  There are estimated to be 153 million orphans around the world. Millions of children without parents, without families, without homes. Yet, each year about 14 million children age out of the adoption system. Out in the world somewhere there is a little boy waiting to be adopted - or perhaps he isn't born yet - who's home is waiting for him. My dear friends are currently in the process of adopting a child from Ethiopia. Tyson is loved by more people that he may ever know, as are his parents. The Phillips' currently are facing a small hurdle. They have a financial mark they need to meet by Dec. 5 to move forward in their journey. Please consider making a donation to help in Bringing Home Ty. Every dollar counts. I know it would make their Christmas wish come true a little early to meet this goal and you can be part of making a home for one of the millions of children today that are orphans. Make a Donation Visit the Bringing Hom

Busyness Prevails

The last two weeks have been a little crazy. After my birthday {at our favorite local locale } life went nuts. I taught a wreath making class to 50 women, taught my regular Sunday kids class and musical class, took an evening trip to Black Mountain, N.C. and back for work , worked in the nursery at church, helped with interviews at a food drive, celebrated with hundred of visitors and several regional media outlets for Billy Graham's birthday at the Billy Graham Library, hung out a football game, made wreaths for a vendor show, taught some more classes, displayed my wares at said vendor show, had dance rehearsal (for a performance at church on 11/26), taught some more and had a meeting for our spring ladies retreat. Like I said, it's been crazy. The next few weeks will continue along this route. But this is my FAVORITE season. I love seeing family and friends, visiting Christmas festivities and running... running.... running. We have some awesome events coming up at the

Identity Crisis

When I created my new website and blog I tried to go with my name instead of my initials; and now I'm second-guessing that decision since all of my URL's are still my initials. So, I'd like to ask for help. Which do YOU like best?

Driving Crazy

I feel like every blog should have an obligatory post about bad driving. Since today I saw a mini car driving in the bike lane, today is that day for me. Bad driving is like a curse. I often tell the hubby that I think my car is a bad driver magnet. I see so many crazy things that it almost seems like I'd have to make them up... but alas they're all true. I've been nearly rear-ended in a turning lane that is surrounded by concrete medians (the other car ended up on the divider); been rear-ended sitting at a red light with opposing traffic turning in front of me; had to stop while trying to merge onto a highway because the driver in front of me stopped instead of merging; seen a motorcycle hit a car at a red light and SO much more. I'm constantly stuck behind the person driving 10-15 miles under the speed limit; driving toward opposing cars with their high-beams on; cut off by drivers in a turning only lane and passed by cars going twice the speed limit in cars th

Crafty Class

Today I taught nearly 50 women how to make a wreath. I typically teach children, so I was able to do something a little more complicated. After several people that couldn't make it asked about another class and I got positive feedback at the class it got me thinking... I wonder if I could find a place locally that I could host monthly craft lessons? And if I found a place would people be interested in coming to learn to make different projects? It's something to look into I guess. What are some projects you'd like to learn make? Would you be interested in taking a local craft class? I appreciate the feedback. Also today, in honor of November I posted a 30 Days of Thanks page that I will be adding to each day.