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My husband has had a kidney stone stuck for the past week and a half. Through various trips to the urgent care, ER and doctors, I've had plenty of time to listen and analyze the answers he has given to the myriad of health care professionals. What's amazing to me is when they ask to rate your pain on a scale of 1-10. Have you ever wondered what they are looking for? Is there a right answer? He'll tell me he's in a terrible amount of pain and then tell the doctor he's around a 2. And what is a 2? I know what a 2 is for me. I've had several surgeries and other ailments of my own so I have a scale to go on. 10 - I don't think I've ever felt a 10; nor do I want to because I'm almost certain I would be dead. 9 - This is where things start to get gray. My sinus surgery was the worst thing ever. I don't really remember immediately after the surgery because I was adequately medicated. However, I think that day 3 after any surgery is the worst; so da

Mason Jars and OCD

Something you should know about me is that I have obsessive personality tendencies. Like I once decided that I needed to have a pink wool coat for winter. I looked and looked and didn't find one, but then the next year there were pink wool coats everywhere and I finally got one. I also became obsessed with finding a particular pair of pink Reebok tennis shoes . This almost happened this past spring with kelly green shorts. I was satiated with some lime green pants. I became enamored with Sweet FROG after my first encounter. Have you ever tried the mix-your-own-toppings delight? I love their strawberry/cheesecake swirl with fruit added in. Sometimes I get wild and add some peach yogurt if they have it. But I found what I like and don't really deviate to find other flavors. I love owls . I pledged a sorority in college and their mascot was the owl. I found out that my grandparents had some and they became mine. Now I have them everywhere. On my desk at work I have a bank,

Not-a-parent perspective

Does the world ever seem so chaotic and sad that it overwhelms you? I feel like that has been how I have felt for the past several years. I constantly hear about and read about parents that have found inconvenience in their children. While I have absolutely no experience in being a parent - and so my opinion on the matter is found null by those who are - I have a profound sense of frustration towards those that abuse the privilege of having children. Yesterday, while I was walking my dog he sniffed around on the edge of the woods behind our house. Since I couldn't see what he was searching for, I picked him up to discover a 5 foot long snake staring us in the face. I have had days in the past couple of months where I have needed help simply getting dressed because of some severe back pain and degeneration that I've experienced; yet, I put my dog before myself and quickly whisked him away from potential danger. MY DOG. The same dog that I have to know where he is within my