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Hello World!

Um.... yeah. So I go on this journey pretty regularly. One where I have the best of intentions for a project and then I get distracted, or bored, or overwhelmed, or just stuck. This blog is a perfect case-in-point. I blog, write and manage social media as part of my every day life. Sometimes when I get home there are so many other things that I have committed to do and need to do that the thing that I want to do get filed in the "parking lot." This year has been quite the whirlwind of events and that transitioned into my annual "my body hates me" attack by immune system and now here we are... it's June and I haven't written something for me in over 5 months. CRAZY! I will say that I sat down and read a book that I wanted to read just for fun last month for the first time in years. That's right; YEARS. Life is crazy but we have to be present in the day to day to not get lost in what if's and that's where I've been. Here's to tr