A Good Day to have a Good Day

Here are some things about today:

1) It's my seventh anniversary. My sweet husband found the most perfect awesome card and we had a delicious dinner at our anniversary spot (because they have she crab soup like we had at our first dinner on our honeymoon).

2) It's Monday Night Football with the Steelers. I just watched 3:00 of amazing plays. My black and gold spirit is beaming with pride. Let's hope they can keep it up...

3) I really liked my hair today. I don't often take time to 'style' my hair because it just frizzed out with wavy curl mess. I was really excited that my hair looked presentable because I was going to renew my drivers license. Then I got upset by the DMV because I'm convinced that they have a ploy to make sure no one ever has a drivers license photo that they like. It's at a bad angle, the color looks bad, they but a hologram on my face... It's like they have an ugly filter. 

4) I'd really like to paint my nails but I have so many fall nail polish colors that I can't decide on a combo. So I still have bare nails. And I lost my Pennywise polish from Essie - a pretty copper - that I wanted to use with some new Jamberry chevron wraps.

5) My favorite shoes are coming apart. I hate when that happens. I've worn them so much that they're dying. Now I need to find some new tan/nude wedges. And maybe a brown pair too. 

6) I love switching my purses from season to season - I always find something hidden from not emptying them out completely the last time I switched. And the bag I switched to is a birthday present from a couple of years ago; it's like the gift that keeps on giving.


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