Fun Fact Friday


Did you know that there are more than one kind of pumpkin?

Now this might seem a little silly. But growing up in the city, we only got pumpkins at Halloween for carving. I only just found out today that there are specific types just for cooking. I picked out a pumpkin for decoration because I thought it looked like "velvet," and found out when I went to pay for it that it is actually used for baking pies. I wish I could remember the name or the variety...

Aren't they gorgeous!?

Here's a website that seems to cover all the different types, plus types of gourds, recipes, carving and much more.

Since it looks like I'm a newbie on pumpkins (who would have thought), do you have a preference on pumpkin varieties? Good recipes?

I think this will be a perfect addition to the church kids community garden next year!

More coming on that fall festival sign tomorrow.


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