Friday Introduction

I'm often a stranger to my own blog. As writing is a major part of my job I often disconnect when I'm not working. But over the years I seem to take more breaks than the periods of consistency; I'm especially finicky when it comes to what I do in my personal time.

I thought today I'd take a cue from the Influence Network / Jess Connolly and share a #FridayIntroductions.

photo credit: the husband... who thought it was funny that I was running around like a little kid on our first really nice spring day.

I'm Lisa. The LW comes from my maiden name (Woytovich) and LW Designs is a name that I've been using since college (13 years ago—eek!!) for all of creative shenanigans. I'm a true northerner, but have planted my roots in South Carolina. I'm most happy at the beach or anywhere I can see palm trees. I love cupcakes and am trying to break my addiction to caffeine. Making crafts and finding pretty things to decorate with brings me joy. I have a husband and a dog and simply hanging out with them is my favorite thing to do.I work for a large international ministry and spend most of my working hours navigating between writing, researching and managing social media and other projects, with scheduling interviews and monitoring news events thrown in the mix as well. I'm currently upset that my iPhone is eating my photos... one minute I have 427, the next I have 3,738. 

Another tidbit... Hopefully soon I will figure out how to get my new vanity URL synced with this little piece of the internet. 

Thanks for stopping by!


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